Crashing A Shoot

I like roaming around Deering Oaks park whenever I’m feeling a little down or lonely or restless. Sometimes I’ll bring a book or a volume of whatever comic I’m reading (Sandman, this week), and I’ll usually sling my Leica M9 over my shoulder on my way out the door, just in case.

When I got to the park this time around, I couldn’t help but notice a 4×5 camera set up, with two people sitting around waiting for the light to change (I can sympathize). I did a quick lap around the park to work up the courage to introduce myself, and then crossed paths and tried to make pleasant conversation. Feeling extra bold, I asked if I could shoot a few portraits while they were waiting, and they graciously accepted.

Kefin and Helena, I appreciate you two for being so kind and awesome to a weird stranger in the park. 📷