Family Portraits

I had the most wonderful time working with Becca and her family. The entire day was filled with riotous fun, roaring laughs, and. well, something about elbow-touching …

In a word, “perfect,” haha.

I had such a good time doing this, I’d like to add family work to my workflow! I’ll update my pricing sheet soon, but in the meantime, email me for booking information!

Technical details:
I had the unique pleasure of working with a Hasselblad 500C that ended up in this family (I shot a test roll on it for my Spring Film Shoot last month). The camera is at least 40-50 years old, so there are a few light leaks in the images made on one of the backs, and I had issues with the first four frames slightly overlapping each other on the back with B&W, which seemed to work itself out.

All color images were done on Fuji Pro 400H rated at ISO 100, and the black and white images were made with Ilford HP5+. The black and white portrait in front of the brick wall is actually a recreation of a photo done on an 8×10 view camera, taken decades earlier. I’ll try to get a side-by-side so we can see how close I got to the real deal!

6×6 images are from the Hasselblad 500C, and the 645 images are from my Bronica ETRSi. There are a couple of images from my Nikon D90 sprinkled throughout here as well.