A building with a horse statue outside of Blackfriars Station in London A narrow pub building near Blackfriars Station in London A view of London from the Tate Modern museum A triangle of sunlight fills a creased building at the Tate Modern museum A modern building in London Richard Davies and Martin Smith photograph London with a Bronica-SQ and a Leica M6 A group of children look through a tall window at the Tate Modern museum. A tiered building in London A child walks toward a spinning carousel in London A pigeon stands in front of a roasted chestnut vendor. A couple with a baby carrier walk through London, all three wearing sunglasses Red and black chairs with "City of London" painted on their backs rest in a heap on the street Photographing London on film with friends A London police officer chatting with a woman eating orange slices in a furry hat A thumbs up statue outside a museum in London A flyer of a thumbs up statue seen on a bus shelter A woman sips from her coffee cup on a bench as pedestrians walk around her An arch in Chinatown, London A bus with "Have a nice day" written on its side rests at a bus stop. A woman walking with a cane that folds into a chair A man walks by a group of pigeons in London A small girl holding a stuffed animal in front of an outside ice rink and Christmas tree in London Trees and buildings are illuminated with holiday lights A child in a yellow jacket peers over the rail of an outside skating rink in London Schoolchildren are seated against a fence near the museums in London A worker in a reflective vest walks through a cobblestone street in London A man standing near a bus in London A silhouetted person walks with the London Eye visible behind him A girl sites in front of a lion statue in London A man in a suit speaking on the phone in front of a horse statue in London A silhouetted couple walks in front of an illuminated Elizabeth Tower A woman reads the London Evening Standard on the London tube. Elizabeth Tower and neighboring buildings illuminated at twilight A man photographs Elizabeth Tower with his cell phone in London Elizabeth Tower at twilight A lion statue holding a "W" flag in London. A man in a long coat walks along a path near the thames An officer posted at a gate in London A pair of officers walking through London A traditionally-dressed officer holding a saber stands in front of a modern policeman with a submachine gun An officer seated on horseback in London A lion statue in London Workers scrub Lion statues clean in London A man having a cigarette in London Some artists sketch the painting in front of them at the museum School children gathering around Van Gogh's Sunflowers in London. The city of London as seen from the observation deck at the Tate Modern museum St. Paul's Cathedral in London. A couple sitting on a bench in front of St. Paul's Cathedral London Underground Pigeons resting on a London Underground sign Elizabeth Tower Westminster station in London Elizabeth Tower london-65 A couple dining at a pub in London On the street with red shoes and a red Leica