Nantucket / Cape Cod (2017)

Amanda Vogler sitting on the ferry to Nantucket

In May 2017, Ray Larose hosted the fifth New England Photo Walk (NEWLK) in Cape Cod / Nantucket. Most of the regular gang reassembled to load some film and enjoy each other’s company, and now just shy of four years later, I’m desperately missing group outings like this after more than a year quarantined in my small apartment. The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting brighter, though, and I’m feeling a fragile optimism for the future — which has me poring through my photo archives in anticipation, daydreaming about excursions ahead.

Thomas Risberg in Nantucket in May 2017 for NEWLK with a green rain jacket and waterproof camera.

Photographed with a Leica M9, Bronica ETRSi, and Hasselblad 500C. At least a few of the medium format rolls were shot on Velvia 100, which was my first time shooting slide film. The post-rain light on a slide stock made these colors look punchy and saturated; I can still almost smell the musty aftermath of ocean rain permeating wooden docks.

Photographs with me in the frame were made by Amanda Vogler.

A "no parking" sign posted in the trees A row of bikes in Nantucket
A man with a cigarette in his lips holding his dog for a portrait.
A lighthouse in Massachusetts
Brant Point Light in Nantucket, MA
A structure near Brant Point Light in MA
Brant Point Light in the distance
Walking on the beach with a Mamiaya C330 TLR Amanda Vogler holding a Hasselblad 500C on the beach for NEWLK in Nantucket A man in a Korea Veteran hat holds the hand of a young girl playing on the beach
A shack on the beach in Nantucket
The beach in Nantucket
A shack in nantucket
An installation of buoys and nets on the beach in Nantucket
A dock in Nantucket, MA
Tyler shooting a Bronica ETRSi on the coast of Nantucket for NEWLK
An assortment of barrels in Nantucket, MA
A bird flies over a house in Nantucket, MA
If I ever make an emo record, this is going to be the album cover
Thomas with his Hasselblad for NEWLK Nantucket
Street signs near mossy trees in Nantucket, MA. Bronica ETRSi / Velvia 100
A pink flower in bloom in Nantucket
A tree in bloom in Nantucket
A mossy fence in Nantucket
A man overlooking a row of bicycles from a balcony in Nantucket
A dog in the back of a pickup truck in Nantucket, MA
A red boat in Nantucket
A barrel on a dock in Nantucket
Tyler on the ferry to Nantucket for NEWLK
Tyler on the beach in Cape Cod
A shed near Brant Point Light in Nantucket
Brant Point Light in Nantucket

Other photographers, who all made timely Nantucket posts, include Thomas Skrlj (pictured with his Hasselblad in this post), Thomas Risberg (in his green rain jacket in this post), and Permundum.