Neely Family

It doesn’t get much more “Classic American” than this. The Neelys have been very dear friends to me and my family for thirteen or fourteen years now, so it was an immense pleasure having the privilege to do family portraits for Tom & Leah’s 25th Wedding Anniversary. Their kids returned home from all over the country to spend some time in rural Upstate New York, cook out, hang out, and just have a blast.

Techie deets:
With young kids around, I realized really quickly that I needed all the cameras and backs I could carry to be sure I always had something loaded. I brought the entire MF workhorse fleet to this shoot: The Bronica ETRSi, Pentax 67 and Hasselblad 500C. Another thing I learned is that 220 film is INVALUABLE, literally, invaluable, when shooting small kids (like the very energetic Jack here). I only brought one roll that I had in the ETRSi (Portra 400), but next time, you’d better believe you’ll find some in the 6×7, too! Everything else was on Fuji Pro 400H

All images were processed by the wonderful people of The FIND Lab, and I’m really impressed with the quality and consistency in the work they did. I think I may have found my new favorite lab!