Skateboarding and Leica pair well together. In fact, Leica even commissioned a short series about the two.

In November, I was walking around Portland’s waterfront to quell a feeling of restlessness arising from my recent reclusion. I sat at a bench near the ferries in the Old Port district. A pair of skateboarders rolled by and sat at a bench adjacent to mine. One of them, seeing my camera, asked if it was fast enough to catch them in action. I smiled, and we went to work.

Photographed with a Leica M9 and a Zeiss 50mm f/2 lens.

A skateboarder smoking a cigarette with his friend skateboarding in the background behind him A skateboarder holds his board up in the air for his friend to jump on A black and white photo of a skateboarder smoking a cigarette skate-3 A skateboarder holding his skateboard A skateboarder suspended in air above his friend, who is lying down and squinting Two skateboarders hanging out and smoking cigarettes