A Forest Portrait Double-Exposure of Stacy Baum in Upstate New York

Renowned street photographer Gary Winogrand advocated for waiting an entire year before processing one’s film. By doing this, he was able to be much more objective about selecting the work he wanted to show.

I seem to have inadvertently followed Winogrand’s advice this year, and so, the next series of posts will feature photographs made from November to April, from my hometown in Alexandria Bay to the West Coast, and finally, to my new home in Portland, Maine.

The images here are of Stacy in Alexandria Bay, NY in November, photographed behind my parents’ house and at Kring Point State Park.

Stacy-8 Stacy-9 Stacy-10 Stacy Stacy-11

The double exposure and other square images were made on a Hasselblad 500c with Kodak Tri-X and processed by Indie Film Lab. The color image was taken on a Nikomat with Portra 400 and processed by the FIND Lab.

Stacy also grabbed a few photos of me with my Fuji x100s.

Tyler Constance at Kring Point State Park in November 2014