I met photographer Steffanie Padilla shortly after my plane touched down in Los Angeles, and we quickly became friends. In my first week in LA, the two of us made portraits on a beach in San Pedro with my Hasselblad 500c, explored the coast near Steffanie’s home in Long Beach, and worked together to compose photographs on the streets of Los Angeles under the dark cloth of a 4×5 camera.

It’s been months since my visit, and I miss the two of us having artistic conversations over tea, sharing vegan meals, and exploring sunny California with cameras in hand.

Until we can do it again, check out Steffanie’s website, and explore my Los Angeles post. You can also follow Steffanie and me on Instagram!

Portrait in front of a tree Steffanie Padilla near cliffs in San Pedro Steffanie Padilla shooting a Hasselblad 500c in Los Angeles A portrait in Los Angeles A portrait by the cliffs of San Pedro A portrait in San Pedro, CA A portrait of two friends