Ditch the DSLR – Travel With a Rangefinder


I grew up in a small tourist town, and over the years I’ve seen hordes of people traveling (and struggling) with big, uncomfortable DSLR’s. Bulky cameras aren’t fun to carry around all day (and yes, this is a bold statement coming from someone who occasionally travels with medium format gear). And hey, if you’re not having fun on vacation, what’s the point?

Before my short road trip this past Spring, I decided to leave the DSLR at home and buy a Fuji x100s. When I returned from the trip, I resolved that I would sell one or the other.

It took me a little while to warm up to the x100s, since it is rather different from my Leica M2 (more on that another time), but when I decided to give up my pride and embrace autofocus, I found that it was very simple to work quickly and make some surprisingly great-quality images.

The x100s performed wonderfully, and while I’ve still been spoiled by the Leica M, the x100s proved itself as a valuable tool, especially when traveling light is a priority.

I decided to keep the x100s, and my DSLR is now neatly packed up and ready to go off to its new owner.

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